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ESOP Solutions

Our team is dedicated to results for your business.

How much of your net worth is tied to your business? If your answer is a substantial percentage, you probably are inquiring about how to transfer this wealth to the next generation of entrepreneurs; while attracting, rewarding, and retaining valuable employees. ESOPs are the hottest new trend in American business and can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Let our experienced ESOP professionals effectively guide you through the process.

Solutions by Role

The unique opportunities and challenges presented in an ESOP structure oftentimes are not encountered under other ownership arrangements or third-party sales. It is critical to partner with business advisors who possess the extensive knowledge, experience, and resources to help manage an ESOP’s many moving parts, safeguard assets, and contribute innovative ideas and advice to navigate this complex plan.


Our close and long-term relationships with trustees, attorneys, third-party administrators, and financial institutions allow us to build a top-notch team to provide you with the best knowledge, experience, and resources available. 

ESOP Services

Our ESOP services include:​

  • Entity and Transaction Structuring

  • ESOP Feasibility Studies

  • ESOP Plan Audits

  • Financial Statement Audit, Review, and Compilations

  • M&A Due Diligence

  • Tax Structuring and Planning/Preparation

  • Sell-Side Advisory Services

  • Sourcing ESOP Bank Financing

Ownership Transition Options

If you are a successful entrepreneur or nearing retirement, you may be facing some decisions: 

  • How can you diversify your assets by creating cash for your business? 

  • How can you develop an effective succession plan for your company? 

  • Is an ESOP the best exit strategy compared to other choices?

Each ownership strategy comes with a unique set of advantages and disadvantages. The ESOP Guy can help you explore these options and determine which plan is the right fit for your strategic goals and legacy.

When we say experts, we mean experts.

Below is a list of accredited affiliations and associations our audit team work with on a regular basis.

AICPA-Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center.png
Florida Insitute of Certified Public Accountants.png
Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.png
National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts.png
ESOP Association.jfif
National Center for Employee Ownership.jpg

Journey to an ESOP:

In “The Journey to an ESOP,” Partner, Phillip Hayes addresses ESOPs from a business owner’s perspective.

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